Updated 6/23/2017

I’m so excited to see the Pocket Letter Pals™ network grow. WELCOME! Here we can share our creations, arrange swaps, ask questions, form groups, get inspired, and connect with others who share our love for Pocket Letters™ and Pocket Letter Pals™. All while having fun in the process! That’s why I’d love for you to read through this document and follow the Pocket Letter Pals™ network Rules so we can continue to foster a positive and inspiring network environment and focus on the creative process. Also make sure to check these regularly as they are subject to change and updates.

-Be respectful, courteous, and kind to one another. This is a family-friendly site, lets promote positivity, creativity, and respect, even if we disagree!

-Please avoid sharing any posts regarding controversial subjects, rants, drama, or negativity.

-We take the "Be Polite" rule very seriously. Rudeness will not be tolerated. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant, name-calling, speaking in a derogatory manner, and or harassing members, admins, or the network owner will be banned without warning. Should any member have concerns or issues with other members or the network administration we encourage them to contact us via email at support@pocketletterpals.com or use the Member Report Form.

 -Network owner and or Admin(s) reserve the right to delete any posts that do not comply with network rules at their discretion.

-Blog and Magazine posts must be original and anything shared (photos, videos, etc.) must belong to the author or contributor. Please keep blog posts positive in nature. This is a place to encourage and uplift one another and share our good experiences, tips, and tutorials for pocket mail.

-Spam and or spam accounts will be deleted without notice. Please notify us if you see any spam or scam accounts or content.

-If you have a problem with another group member, please PM admin(s) to further discuss any issues or concerns or use the Report Form above to issue your complaint.

-Swap at your own risk.

-Arrange swap details (themes, dislikes, deadlines, who will write first, etc.) with your pals, and keep in communication with each other about setbacks, delays, etc.

-Please exercise caution when sharing personal and sensitive information.

- Any information shared with you via PM or in this group (addresses, birthdays, etc.) shouldn’t be shared with third parties.

-Avoid creating duplicate Groups/Forums/Events/Topics/Etc. Always check to see if a similar with the Group Guidelines. group or event is in existence. We want to avoid flooding the network with duplicate postings. Also check the Group and Event pages for additional rules and procedures on Groups and Events.

-You may not post commission, referral or affiliate links anywhere on the network without express written permission from the network owner.

-Please do not promote your business, shops, other groups, or post advertisement of any kind. This is not a place to sell or advertise, but a community to share ideas, inspiration, and connect with other Pocket Letter Pals! If you have a shop, feel free to post the URL to it on your Profile Page under your About section.

If you’d like to advertise on the network, please contact the network owner for details on partnerships opportunities, sponsorship, etc. Email: janettelaneblog@gmail.com

-Please abide by intellectual property rules.

-Multiple complaints about a member, repeated rule breaking, or misconduct, may result in removal from the network.


Thanks so much for your cooperation!


*These rules may be revised and updated at the discretion of the network owner as necessity arises without previous warning. Make sure to read these rules regularly for any updates.