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Hello my name is Janette Lane and I'm the Pocket Letter™ creator and owner of the Pocket Letter Pals™ network. Welcome and thank you for joining this growing pocket mail movement. I’m so glad you’ve joined!  It’s been an exciting few months! As you may or may not know, the first Pocket Letter™ was shared on my Instagram account in early 2015. From there my Pocket Letter™ idea and concept has spread worldwide. It’s THRILLING to see people get involved in making these letters. It makes the world seem like a smaller and better place, doesn’t it? (For more information about me please head to or my YouTube Channel.)

You can also find me on my favorite social media networks:



If you would like to join and participate in this movement and become a Pocket Letter Pal™ then please read on.

Pocket Letter Pal Network Group Rules
First things first! Please familiarize yourself with the Network Rules.

Customize your Profile 

Once you're a member you can create a profile on the Pocket Letter Pals network, you can customize it with colors, pictures, and even music. Also make sure you customize your privacy settings to your preference. In your About Me section add something about whether you’re looking for one-time Pocket Letter swaps or ongoing. It’ll be helpful in case someone is browsing your profile and wants to swap with you.

How to Find Pocket Letter Pals™ (swap pals). 

You will need to create an "Ad" to advertise that you're in search of pals. Type up your "Ad" and save it on a Word document for easy Copy & Pasting.

Here’s a Sample “Ad” Post:

“Hi my name is Janette. I’m from California and love papercrafts. I’m new, but would like to start swapping with 2 partners. This will be a one- time swap. US or International is okay. Please send me a message or comment below if you are interested in swapping.”

Once you create your "Ad" with your own specifics and details, then you will need to post your "Ad" in a group, on your own profile wall, or in a swap event (or all of the above)


Join a group.

Browse the group section (click here) and see if there are any groups you’d like to join. You can post an “Ad” post/comment on the group wall stating that you’d like to start swapping. Or browse the wall to see if anyone has already posted their interest in swapping. Make friends and have fun!*

Join a swap event.

Swap events (click here) are themed and hosted by individuals. Read the Event descriptions to figure out the theme or Event rules. The Event host will generally assign a partner for you and provide deadlines and other instructions about the theme.

Post on the network Home Page

Once you are signed in on the network, you can post a “Status Update”. Please feel free to use that to post your “Ad” searching for a pal. Or you can simply browse Member Profiles and see if there’s someone who is a good fit. Maybe they live in the same town or the same state.

 *Swap at your own risk. 

Someone responds to your “Ad”, now what? 

Once you get a Pal to respond, it’s important to COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATE . COMMUNICATE. Will this be a one-time swap? Will there be a deadline? Will your Pocket Letter have goodies? This questionnaire is not exhaustive! Use it as a guide to make your swap go smoothly, and if there’s something you’re concerned about, please mention it to your Pal.


Now that you found a Pocket Letter Pal™, it’s time to make your Pocket Letter™. 

pocket letters

To buy the inserts for this project, check your local Target, Walmart, or office supply store. Or click here or here to purchase the inserts on Amazon.

Need help on what to put in each pocket? Check out my Pocket Letter™ guide or watch this Pocket Letter tutorial.

If you need more information on Pocket Letters, please check out my blog, Janette Lane. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more on this fun new hobby I created!

Any other questions or inquiries, please email me at Thank you!

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